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Covidien Disposable Monoject Syringes Luer-lock (6 mL - Luer Lock)


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Sterile, single-use, autoclavable (8941B14-8941B44)

  • Syringes do not include needle
  • Heat-staked, tamper-evident cap assures sterility
  • Bold, easy-to-read graduations
  • Positive plunger stop and three-piece rigid pack
  • Translucent, color-coded hub shows blood flashback
  • Autoclavable

Non-Sterile (1230Z93)

  • Syringes do not include needle
  • Latex-free, can be autoclaved or gas sterilized

Syringes with detachable needle (8541B47-B53)

  • 1 cc with 0.01 cc and 0.5 minims.
  • Sterile
  • Flat plunger tip

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