Enzyme Gas Additive, 8-oz.


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Debris forms in ethanol fuel as quickly as 6 weeks, causing engines hard starting or rough running. Ethanol is a powerful solvent, dispersing this debris back into the fuel, leading to clogged filters, injectors and carburetors. Star Tron(TM)'s enzymes break down debris into sub-micron sized particles that can be easily burned during the combustion process, restoring full performance. Ethanol also attracts moisture to form an ethanol/water solution in the gasoline. This water in the fuel can cause engines to run rough, stall, and can lead to internal damage to engine components. Star Tron(TM)'s enzyme formula reduces interfacial surface tension between fuel and water thus allowing sub-micron sized H2O particles to burn away in normal combustion. Ethanol causes lost power, performance and fuel economy. To restore power and performance, Star Tron(TM) uses specialized enzymes to modify how gasoline and diesel fuel burns, resulting in more complete and uniform combustion with reduced emissions.

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