Ralgro® Implant Gun (w/ 6 Needles)

Merck Animal Health

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Ralgro® implants are designed for use with the Ralogun™ applicator.


(NOTE: The Ralogun™ applicator, which is designed for the Ralgro® line of implants, is NOT compatible with Revalor® implants.)

Before implanting


  • Make sure the implanting site is clean and dry. If necessary, use a wire brush or scraper to remove mud, dirt and manure. Disinfect and scrape or dry before implanting.

How to use the Ralogun™ applicator

  • Each chamber of the applicator contains a full dose of Ralgro®.
  • Insert the cartridge in the magazine of the Ralogun™ with the hole of the axle of the cartridge pointed toward the handle of the applicator.
  • After snapping in place, rotate the cartridge clockwise to assure proper seating.
  • Check the window at the top to ensure that the pellet chamber is aligned with the applicator plunger.
  • Take the ear of the animal firmly with the free hand and insert the needle into the subcutaneous tissue at the implanting site. Squeeze the trigger to deliver a full dose of Ralgro®.
  • Keep the trigger depressed while withdrawing the needle, to be sure that the implant stays in place.
  • Rotate the cartridge in the direction of the arrow on the gun until you see the new dose visible and centered in the window.
  • Disinfect the needle with cotton or gauze moistened with disinfectant before the next implant.

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